The Returned: First edition

By Jason Mott

The New York Times bestselling debut novel from the author of Hell of a Book

‘Tragic and humorous and terrifying’ Eowyn Ivey, Author of The Snow Child

‘Fantastically readable’ The Times

Lucille Hargrave’s son Jacob has been dead for over forty years. Now he’s standing on her doorstep, still eight years old. Still looking for her to welcome him with open arms.

All over the world people’s loved ones are returning from beyond. No one knows how or why, whether it’s a miracle or a sign of the end.

But as chaos erupts around the globe, the newly reunited family finds itself at the center of a community on the brink of collapse, forced to navigate a terrifying new reality.

Their lives will never be the same again.

Author: Jason Mott
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 19 Aug 2021
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-1-84845-303-6
Detailed Edition: First edition
Jason Mott holds a BA in fiction and an MFA in poetry and is the author of two poetry collections. His writing has appeared in numerous literary journals, and he was nominated for the 2009 Pushcart Prize. Jason lives in North Carolina.

”'Fantastically readable” - - The Times

”'Gripping” - - Shortlist

'Mott tackles some big themes here, especially the vagaries of spirituality, and scores with one of the most emotionally resonant works in many seasons' - Essence Magazine -

'It will…make you question what it means to be human and what you'd do in a similar situation'-The Sun -

'The Returned transforms a brilliant premise into an extraordinary and beautifully realized novel. My spine is still shivering from the memory of this haunting story. Wow.' -Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling author of The Monster of Florence -

'A deft meditation on loss that plays out levels of consequence on both personal and international stages. Mott allows the magic of his story to unearth a full range of feelings about grief and connection.' - Aimee Bender, New York Times bestselling author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake -

'Mott brings a singularly eloquent voice to this elegiac novel, which not only fearlessly tackles larger questions about mortality but also insightfully captures life's simpler moments… A beautiful meditation on what it means to be human.' -Booklist -