The Prison Doctor: Women Inside: Unabridged edition

By Dr Amanda Brown, Read by Sophie Aldred

From the Sunday Times bestselling author Dr Amanda Brown.

Insights into the world of a Prison Doctor, this time taking us deeper into the walls of Bronzefield, the UK’s biggest women’s prison.

From the drug addicts who call Amanda ‘the mother I never had’ to the women who’ve pushed back at domestic abuse, to women close to release in their 70s, who just want to stay in the place that they’ve always known, these are stories that are heartbreaking, harrowing and heart-warming. Amanda listens, prescribes, and does what she can. After all, she’s their doctor.

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 25 Jun 2020
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-838693-1
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Dr Amanda Brown is a GP at the largest women-only prison in Europe, Bronzefield. Before transferring to work in prisons, Amanda was a regular NHS GP but gave up her practice because she disliked the way the job’s focus has shifted. She went on to work at a teenage detention centre, before moving on to Wormwood Scrubs and then finally to Bronzefield where she continues to work.

‘both heart-rending and socially revealing’. The Bookseller -

”'compassion and commitment shine through” - The Observer

”'Heart-breaking … Brown lays bare the health and social challenges facing these women with brutal honesty, shining particular light on mothers behind bars, as well as those trying to come off drugs.” - PRESS ASSOCIATION

”'her love for her job shines through this book, and so does her humility” - The Daily Telegraph

”'lays bare the health and social challenges facing these women with brutal honesty” - Press Journal

‘It gave me goosebumps and has changed my views’. Woman & Home -

Praise for the Prison Doctor: -

”'Written with both humour and deep concern for the lives of her incarcerated patients. It’s a poignant, compassionate read, giving an insight into the complicated and damaged lives of some of the offenders … a thoroughly enlightening and engaging book.” - Mail on Sunday

”'A fascinating, sometimes funny, often gruelling account of working behind bars.” - Observer

”'Not only features startling anecdotes but also the more rewarding aspects of her job - the prisoners who sent her letters of thanks, the ones for whom there remains hope.” - i newspaper

”'eye-opening … harrowing … Though so many of the tales are unbearably sad, and some details quite difficult to read without flinching, frequent moments of hope and humanity mitigate what could otherwise be a bleak look at life on the lowest rung of society’s ladder.” - The Telegraph

”'All of the highs and lows of prison life, with heart-warming honesty and anecdotes to make your sides split and your jaw drop in equal measure … Amanda has filled her book full of funny tales that both she and the inmates have had a good giggle at.” - Sunday Express S Magazine