The Beauty of the Wolf: Unabridged edition

By Wray Delaney, Read by Rachel Atkins

‘Amazing’ Meg Rosoff

‘Extraordinary’ Maggie Alderson

‘What some might call beauty, I find monstrous’

In the age of the Faerie Queene, Elizabeth I, Lord Francis Rodermere starts to lay waste to a forest.

Furious, the sorceress who dwells there scrawls a curse into the bark of the first oak he fells:

A faerie boy will be born to you whose beauty will be your death.

Ten years later, Lord Rodermere’s son, Beau is born – and all who encounter him are struck by his great beauty.

Meanwhile, many miles away in a London alchemist’s cellar lives Randa – a beast deemed too monstrous to see the light of day.

And so begins a timeless tale of love, tragedy and revenge…
A stunning retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 21 Feb 2019
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-821739-6
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Wray Delaney is the pen name of Sally Gardner, the award-winning children’s novelist who has sold over 2 million books worldwide and been translated into 22 languages. She lives in London and this is her second adult novel.

Praise for The Beauty of the Wolf: -

”'An amazing book… like a box of treasures” - Meg Rosoff

”'This is an extraordinary book - and Wray Delany’s imagination a thing of wonder” - Maggie Alderson

”'An interesting take on a well known story…anyone who loves twisted fairy tales should read this” - Netgalley reviewer

”'A wonderful read. I’d never read this author’s work before but I will definitely be looking out for the next book” - Netgalley reviewer

”'I fell in love with the descriptions of the woods, oaks and the mystical forest” - Netgalley reviewer

”'The atmosphere is wonderful and it is a glorious, bawdy romp of a book” - Netgalley reviewer

”'Wow. Just wow. This book was amazing” - Netgalley reviewer

Praise for An Almond for a Parrot: -

‘Shades of Sarah Waters…irresistible’Guardian -

”'A bawdy, romping affair … Delaney mixes up genres — historical fiction, erotica, magic realism — to create something original” - Book of the Month in The Times, November 2016

”'With elements of magical realism, plenty of sexy scenes, and a good dollop of drama, this is one hell of a read” - The Sun

”'A saucy bodice-ripper that combines magical realist flights of fancy with a smattering of punchy feminist politics” - The Metro

”'A compelling mix of bawdy romp and magical realism.” - Red

”'A fun, explicit romp with real stakes that will have you trying to finish this book in one sitting” - Stylist

”'An Almond for a Parrot romps and twists like the Fairy House girls in their bed chambers. It’s full of lust and magic, but not without heart. It’s an irresistible world to drop into.” - Emerald Street