The Art of Manifesting

By Carolyn Boyes

The book that will change the way you think about life…

The Art of Manifesting inspires readers to discover how to tap into the power of the universe to create change. Each section is focussed around manifesting a specific area of life with ideas, quotations and pointers to allow the reader to picture their desires, direct their thoughts, and manifest joy, health and wellbeing.
Move from a life full of distractions into a life full of enthusiasm and passion. This book is a detailed, step by step how-to guide for those wishing to manifest change in their life. By following the techniques and suggestions, readers will be equipped with a simple, yet highly effective mindset that they can apply to any career, relationship or aspect of their lives. Go ahead—be curious!

Format: Digital download
Release Date: 08 Dec 2022
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-852307-7
Carolyn is an author who writes about practical psychology and life strategies. She specialises in discovering simple, practical, self-help tools from business, psychology and ancient traditions.Formally one of the world’s leading institutional investment experts in China and Japan, Carolyn spent over a decade as a fund manager and stockbroker based in Scotland, London, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Japan with clients from the world’s top investment companies. From her early twenties she interviewed politicians and company representatives, analysed current affairs, authored articles on the stock-markets and appeared as an expert guest on TV. In 1999, Carolyn left the financial sector to pursue her interest in the self development and wellbeing field.