The Alibi Girl: Unabridged edition

By C.J. Skuse, Read by Emmy Rose and Helen Keeley

‘Brilliantly-written characters, original and engaging. It’s so good!’
BA Paris


And there’s more. Her flat isn’t hers. Her cats aren’t hers. Even her hair isn’t really hers.
Nor is she any of the other women she pretends to be. Not the bestselling romance novelist who gets her morning snack from the doughnut van on the seafront. Nor the pregnant woman in the dental surgery. Nor the chemo patient in the supermarket for whom the cashier feels ever so sorry. They’re all just alibis.
In fact, the only thing that’s real about Joanne is that nobody can know who she really is.
But someone has got too close. It looks like her alibis have begun to run out….

Your favourite authors are loving The Alibi Girl

‘Heart-wrenching, impossible to predict and completely absorbing’ John Marrs

‘The master of dark, sexy psychological suspense’ Suzy K Quinn

‘A dark, addictive read’ Phoebe Morgan

Author: C.J. Skuse
Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 06 Feb 2020
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-831141-4
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
C.J. SKUSE is the author of Pretty Bad Things, Rockaholic, Dead Romantic, Monster and The Deviants. She was born in Weston-super-Mare. She has first-class degrees in creative writing and, aside from writing novels, she is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.

Praise for The Alibi Girl: -

”'It has everything you’d expect from Skuse; tragic twists and turns but always with heart at its core. Heart-wrenching, impossible to predict and completely absorbing” - John Marrs

”'Riveting and gripping” - Sunday Post

”'Brilliantly-written characters, original, engaging and moving storyline. It’s so good!” - BA Paris

”'An edge-of-your-seat thriller” - Woman and Home

”'Another stunner from the master of dark, sexy psychological suspense” - Suzy K Quinn

”'A fast-moving, complex and troubling study of family lives that manages to make you laugh and cry at the same time” - Daily Mail

”'A dark, addictive read with CJ Skuse’s trademark humour - I loved it” - Phoebe Morgan

”'A hilarious, hair-raising, nail-biting tale” - Saga

”'A chilling tale with an interesting perspective” - Woman Magazine

Praise for CJ Skuse: -

”'An absolute marvel of a book - SO dark, SO laugh-out-loud funny, the world through Rhiannon's eyes is perfectly, acutely observed. Brilliant!” - SJI Holliday

”'This darkly comic novel…has the potential to become a cult classic” - Daily Mail

”'Sweetpea hits all the right buttons. A dark, twisted read about a female serial killer with dollops of humour, sarcasm and a lightweight approach…keeping you gripped and on the hook, both smiling and squirming” - Maxim Jakubowski, Lovereading

‘You MUST read this book especially if you like your (anti) heroes dirty-mouthed, deadly and dark, dark dark. ADORED IT' Fiona Cummins, author of Rattle -

”'This isn’t a book for the squeamish or the faint-hearted … think Bridget Jones meets American Psycho” - Red

”'This book is OUTRAGEOUS” - Compulsive Readers

”'This anti-hero is psychotic without doubt, sexually voracious and incredibly funny” - Shots magazine