The Steel Girls - Steel Girls at War (The Steel Girls, Book 4)

By Michelle Rawlins

Read the next book in the heart-warming WW2 historical romance saga series, The Steel Girls

In their darkest days, they’ll find the courage to carry on…

Summer 1940
The war is raging on but the Steel Girls are fighting their own battles closer to home. After patching things up with Archie, Patty is miffed when he appears to have forgotten all about her 18th birthday.

New girl Hattie has a lot to deal with as she trades the counter at Woolworths for the Vickers factory floor. But is she keeping a secret and are things tougher at home than she’s been letting on?

Meanwhile, Nancy is besides herself when she receives word that Bert is missing in action and is struggling to keep it together.

As the Steel Girls come together to be there in Nancy’s hour of need, will life ever be the same again?

Format: ebook
Release Date: 31 Aug 2023
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-859850-1
Michelle Rawlins is an award-winning freelance journalist with over 20 years’ experience working in print and digital media. After learning her trade, Michelle began her freelance career writing for national newspapers and women’s magazines, concentrating on real-life stories – living by the mantra: ‘it’s always the most ordinary people who have the most extraordinary stories’.

Praise for The Steel Girls: -

”'A riveting saga about love, courage and, above all, female friendship” - Best

”'A lovely read” - Bella

”’The perfect book to snuggle up with this autumn” - That’s Life

”'Hardship, courage and hope on the Home Front” - Kate Thompson, bestselling author of Secrets of the Lavender Girls

”'A heart-warming story perfect for saga lovers” - Nancy Revell, bestselling author of The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front

”'A great read” - Yorkshire Post

”’A heart-warming tale of the brave women who stepped up to become the backbone of Sheffield’s steel industry during the Second World War” - Yours