Hide And Seek: First edition

By Amy Bird

Nobody’s life is ever perfect. Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But the life which Will and Ellie Spears have built together is as perfect as it’s possible to be.

Until one day something is let slip. A discovery is made. And all of a sudden Ellie and Will’s life falls down, as acceptance gives way to an obsessive search for answers.

Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But sometimes the truth is much more dangerous.

Hide and Seek is the addictive new psychological suspense novel from Amy Bird, perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, SJ Watson and Liane Moriarty. Is finding the truth worth losing everything?

Praise for Amy Bird

‘Ms. Bird is most certainly a force to be reckoned with and an author who has crossed the threshold of notoriety… An exciting story with real tension and suspense.’ – Gordon Reiselt

‘Hide and Seek is everything I wanted Gone Girl to be, and more… The pacing was spot on, and the setup is absolutely beautiful; engaging characters, liberally sprinkled intrigue, and an exploration of the origins of our identity that will have your mind working overtime.’ – Zoe Markham, Markham Reviews

‘Amy Bird is so good at writing dialogue you just can’t help chuckling. Add to this the fact that her writing style is such that I feel she is talking directly to me and I am absolutely hooked.’ – Lucy Literati, A Modern Mum’s Musings

‘A slow and creepy build-up to an exciting crescendo.’ – Rosemary Smith, Cayocosta72 Book Reviews

‘Enjoyable and intriguing.’ – Christine Marson, Northern Crime

‘Lives up to the thrilling aspect of the genre and also manages to have an original feel.’ – Cleo Bannister, Cleopatra Loves Books

‘The tension builts to a crescendo and the author pulls the reader along, speeding up like a train with no need to slow on approach to its destination. A great read from an author I had yet to encounter. I will definitely read more of her work after enjoying this thrilling three-part thriller. Having the book in three parts is also a great idea, as each part is perfect for reading in one sitting!’ – Margaret Madden, Bleach House Library

Author: Amy Bird
Format: Digital download
Release Date: 02 Oct 2014
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-4740-0773-3
Detailed Edition: First edition

thriller; suspense; psychological suspense; murder; noir; secrets; betrayal; talk and die; childhood; youth; death; loss; grief; family life; love; marriage; parenting; parent and children; murder; vigilante justice; vengeful; truth; lies, deceit; vigilante justice; dark; distrubing; vengeful; urban; suburban; London; Kingston; Surrey; england; english; conspiracy; female protagonist; ben affleck; rosamund pike; amazing amy; amy dunne; nick dunne; nicole kidman; colin firth; Ben Lucas; psychological suspense; thriller; children's games; accident; miny mo; fear; paris; london; mother; father; paternity; maternity; pregnancy; secrets; natasha richardson; concerto; piano; pianist; Yours is Mine; Three Steps Behind You; -