An Arrowood Mystery - Arrowood and The Meeting House Murders (An Arrowood Mystery, Book 4): Unabridged edition

By Mick Finlay, Read by Malk Williams

London Society takes their problems to Sherlock Holmes. Everyone else goes to Arrowood.

‘Finlay depicts a seedy, desperate London and vivid characters with considerable skill’ The Times

Nowhere to hide.
London, 1879. As winter grips the city, a group of African travellers seek sanctuary inside the walls of the Quaker Meeting House. They are being hunted by a ruthless showman, who is forcing them to perform in his ethnic exhibition in the London Aquarium.
Nowhere to turn.
Private investigator William Arrowood and his assistant Barnett agree to help the travellers avoid capture. But when they arrive at the Meeting House, they find a scene of devastation. Two people have been murdered and the others have fled into the night.
Nowhere to run.
The hunt for the real killer leads Arrowood into the dark heart of Victorian London. A shadowy world of freak shows, violence and betrayal, where there are no good choices and only the slimmest chance of survival…

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 08 Jul 2021
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-832457-5
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Mick was born in Glasgow but left as a young boy, living in Canada and then England. Before becoming an academic, he ran a market stall on Portobello Road, and has worked as a tent-hand in a travelling circus, a butcher’s boy, a hotel porter, and in various jobs in the NHS and social services. He teaches in a Psychology Department, and has published research on political violence and persuasion, verbal and non-verbal communication, and disability. He now lives in Brighton with his family.

”'This is Victorian London in all its grit and grime and Finlay clearly knows his history but applies it with a light touch. He revels in the muck and mayhem of the city … the story is full of life and flashes of black humour” - Evening Standard

”'There are many insights on the iniquities of empire, and Arrowood’s wife’s struggle to become a doctor is an illuminating subplot. The narrator Malk Williams bullishly renders the frank and foul-mouthed Barnett, from whose point of view the story unfolds … enjoy an excellent final gallop to giving everyone their just deserts” - The Times, Audiobook of the Week

”'Gripping … the series has gone from strength to strength” - Sunday Post

”'A rollicking case … I love the sardonic wit and the down-at-the-heel sleuth … oozes with grim colour” - Peterborough Telegraph

”'A riveting tale of intrigue, exploitation and danger. I felt as though I was right there in the foggy, soot-stained alleyways of Victorian London, looking anxiously over my shoulder” - S. W. Perry

”'A bracing joy, plunging us into a Victorian London which is vibrant and alive. I loved being with his extraordinary characters once again” - Alex Reeve

”'It really evokes the era, and Arrowood is a very interesting, flawed, sleuth” - Faith Martin

”'A compelling mystery which brilliantly evokes the grime and gaudiness of late Victorian London. The crimes of a far-flung Empire come home to roost in this story of exploitation, loyalty, hidden identities and revenge. A fantastic addition to the series” - Katherine Stansfield

Praise for Mick Finlay: -

”'A crime novel of thrilling intricacy … Arrowood is a terrific creation, and this book wins five rosettes” - The Tablet

”'Think Sherlock Holmes is the only detective working in Victorian London? Meet William Arrowood, the hero of Mick Finlay’s series of absorbing novels … Finlay depicts a seedy, desperate London and vivid characters with considerable skill” - The Times