A Novel Love Story: Unabridged edition

By Ashley Poston, Read by Dorothy Dillingham Blue

‘Ashley Poston has done it again … enchanting’ B.K. BORISON

‘If I ever need to get lost in a cosy romance, A Novel Love Story will be the go-to’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘This one just hit different … beautiful’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



📚Have you ever found yourself lost in a good book … literally?📚

Eileen Merriweather loves a good love story. The fictional kind, anyway. After all, imaginary men don’t break your heart.

That’s why she’s so excited for her annual book club retreat – instead, when her car breaks down en route, Eileen finds herself in Eloraton. A town where every meet is cute, the rain always comes in the afternoon, and the bookshop is always curated with impeccable taste.

It feels too good to be true … because Eloraton is the setting of her favourite romance series. And Eileen is sure she must be here to bring the town its storybook ending.

But there’s one character she can’t place. The grumpy bookshop owner with mint-green eyes, and an irritatingly sexy mouth. He does not want Eileen to finish this story, but how else can she find her happily-ever-after?

The next magical rom-com from the New York Times bestselling author of The Seven Year Slip and The Dead Romantics!


Readers have been spellbound by Ashley Poston:

I LOVED this book. A beautiful, poignant story … breathtaking, hopeful, and dreamy’ ALI HAZELWOOD

‘An absolute and unexpected delightCHRISTINA LAUREN

‘A gorgeous love story from one of the finest romance writers out thereCARLEY FORTUNE


☀️Grumpy x sunshine

💞Actual book boyfriend

🏠Small-town romance

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 25 Jun 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-864430-7
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Ashley Poston is the New York Times bestselling author of The Dead Romantics and The Seven Year Slip. A native of South Carolina, she lives in a small grey house with too many books. You can find her on the internet, somewhere, watching cat videos and reading fan fiction.

Praise for A NOVEL LOVE STORY: -

'A romance lover's dream of a book. Whimsical, romantic and packed with charm, Ashley Poston is the queen of high concept love stories' Sophie Cousens -

'Ashley Poston has done it again. I fell into these pages just as effortlessly as Eileen tumbles into Eloraton. Whimsical, emotional, and tender, A Novel Love Story is another enchanting romance from Poston' B.K. Borison -

Praise for Ashley Poston: -

”'I LOVED this book. A beautiful, poignant story, full of beautiful, poignant characters . . . at once touching, funny, breathtaking, hopeful, and dreamy” - Ali Hazelwood

”'The Dead Romantics was an absolute and unexpected delight. Voicy and quirky and fun; the pages will probably sparkle (but with black glitter)” - Christina Lauren

”'Smart, quick, and absolutely bubbling over with love for the genre of romance itself” - Emma Straub

”'The Seven Year Slip is a gorgeous love story from one of the finest romance writers out there. I laughed, I cried, I didn’t want it to end. Consider me Ashley Poston’s greatest admirer!” - Carley Fortune

”'Smart, quirky and funny. I loved this one” - Sarah Morgan