Katie Ginger’s five reasons why the perfect Christmas gift is always a book!

Not sure whether buying your family ANOTHER book is a good idea? Well here is the blog post you need to read. To celebrate the release of her new heartwarming Christmas romance The Perfect Christmas Gift, Katie Ginger shares her five reasons why the perfect Christmas gift is always a book!

We all know people who are difficult to buy presents for. You know the ones I’m talking about; they have all the things they want or are super fussy. But, like a Christmas fairy godmother, I have a solution for you…buy them a book! And if that wasn’t enough of a convincing argument (because everyone loves books, don’t they?) I’ve even put all the reasons why in a handy little list!

1. There really is a book for everyone

No matter what someone likes, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a book on it. From romance to thrillers, crime to the latest laugh-out-loud comedy, there will be a book for them. If they like the latest releases or particular genres, easy-peasy, but even if they’re a little more particular, there are lots of different bookshops and online stores out there that specialise. So, if someone is interested in the history of the walnut or wants to read about plumbing on board submarines, you’ll be able to find something that fits their interests.

And book people love talking about books so if you’re struggling to find something, pick up the phone or visit a store and the staff will be more than happy to help you!

(You can also check HQ’s latest releases where you’ll find some brilliant Christmas gifts waiting for you!)

2. Books are easy to wrap!

If you’re anything like my other half and incapable of wrapping presents, make life easy on yourself and buy a book! Nothing is easier to wrap. I promise! I mean, it’s a rectangle. A small rectangle. You really can’t go that far wrong. If you do, then please send us some pictures because it sounds like an amazing achievement.

3. Shopping for books is fun!

Is there anything better than wandering around browsing in a bookshop? I really don’t think there is. If however, you don’t fancy ambling down bookish aisles or wrestling your way through the Christmas crowds, then miss the hustle and bustle by going online. Most bookshops have an online presence, and you can order what you want and get it delivered to your door!

Or you can support an indie bookstore. Bookshops are such an important part of our high streets and I for one will definitely be visiting my local indie when I start my Christmas shopping! (Okay, I’m lying, because I’ve actually already started my shopping. I can’t help it. I just love Christmas!)

4. You can go for audio, large print, paperback or even ebook if you fancy it!

If you’ve made it this far through the blog post, I’m sure you don’t need any more convincing as to why books make the perfect Christmas gift, but just in case you do, let me remind you that you don’t have to go for paperback. You can also go for audiobooks, large print and even an ebook! (You can send them as gifts via Amazon).

5. Add a dedication in the front and they’ll treasure the gift forever!

And finally, the best thing about buying a physical book for Christmas is the dedication you write in the front: those little messages that mean the world and make a gift extra special. If you’re worried a book might be considered a boring gift, then write something personal in the front and watch the recipients face light up.

Books with meanings are the best books of all!

Katie Ginger’s The Perfect Christmas Gift is available now to download!

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