Five date ideas for when the sun comes out

To celebrate the release of the laugh-your-socks-off romcom The A to Z of Us by Hannah Doyle, the author is here on the blog to share her top five date ideas now that the sun has come out!

Five Date Ideas for when the Sun Comes Out by Hannah Doyle

What are you most looking forward to this summer? A trip away, spending time with loved ones, trying out a new supermarket? (Just me on the last one? No YOU’RE super cool).

It feels like a treat to dip a toe into the things that we took for granted pre-pandemic and for me, another personal summer highlight is the release of my new romcom The A to Z of Us, which follows Alice and Zach as they try alphabet dating.

So with summer and dating in mind, here are five date ideas for when the sun comes out. Enjoy!

1. Dress up

It literally does not matter what you are doing, as long as you are wearing something that makes you happy. Now is the time to don all thirty-six dresses that have been stuck at the back of your wardrobe since 2020. Throw them all on at once! Same goes for makeup and jewels. I’m a firm believer in more is more right now because if you can’t get a restaurant reservation until the next decade, a picnic in a ballgown could be even more fun.

2. Beach trip

What could be more perfect than walking barefoot along the sand as the waves roll in? There’s something especially wonderful about gazing out to sea together, I think because the possibilities seem endless when there’s nothing but water on the horizon. Just don’t forget to pack sunscreen and waterproofs for when the weather gets inevitably British.

3. Open-air cinema

Not one for a first date because there won’t be much chance to chat while you’re stuffing your face with popcorn, but there’s nothing like an al fresco film for a cute summer outing. Take a blanket and snuggle up under the stars as the credits roll. Spoiler alert: Alice and Zach do exactly this in The A to Z of Us and it was one of my favourite scenes to write.

4. Staycation

I know that finding a hotel room is the ultimate challenge right now but signing up for last minute availability or hunting for cute self-catering options could work. And if all else fails, why not pop a tent up in your garden, string it with fairy lights and crack open some prosecco. (Just don’t forget the sequins).

5. Get physical

Guys! Please! I don’t mean like *that*. How about incorporating some exercise into your date to get the endorphins flowing? I’m not suggesting a romantic marathon run a deux (unless that’s your thing) (in which case you’re weird and I like you). I was thinking more along the lines of hiring a pedalo at your nearest boating lake, or challenging each other to a game of ping pong. A little cosy competition could make the perfect date.

For more date ideas, pick up The A to Z of Us , the new hilarious romantic comedy by Hannah Doyle that you will fall head-over-heels for this summer. Available to download now!

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