Summer reading recommendations from Sophia Money-Coutts!

To celebrate the upcoming publication of the heartwarming and hilarious new novel Did You Miss Me?, we asked author Sophia Money-Coutts to share with us her top three reading recommendations for this summer! Have you read any of these?!

The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

A wonderfully written and gripping love story that spans 24 hours and 50 years simultaneously, set in America. Should the heroine, Elle, pick her first love or her husband? What would her life look like if she’d chosen a different path? There are questions for all of us in here.

The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson

I’m a latecomer to the late, great Eva Ibbotson, an Austrian-born, British writer whose family fled Austria for the UK just before the Second World War. This is, so far, my favourite of hers: the funny, sweet, touching tale of golden-haired Ruth Berger and her adventurous path to true love in the 1930s.

Max’s Picnic Book: An ode to eating outdoors

Ok, technically not a novel. But I bought this recently for my friend Holly (who I love because she is as greedy as I am), and have since had to buy a copy for myself because it’s so brilliant. The picnic recipes are brilliant (including one for a sandwich that involves bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns and an entire crusty loaf of bread), the pictures are brilliant, the writing about how and why we picnic is brilliant. Makes a properly good present for someone. 

Did You Miss Me is out in hardback, eBook and audio later this month! Get your copy here.

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