The Evacuee War

By Katie King, Read by Joan Walker

Far from home, hope will keep them together.

The plucky evacuees must come together in this heart-warming saga set in the Second World War for fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin…

In September 1940, after a year away from home, eleven-year-old twins Connie and Jessie have finally settled into evacuee life in Harrogate. But when the brutal bombings in London begin, threatening their parents who live near the Bermondsey docks, their courage is put to the test.

Aunt Peggy keeps a watchful eye on the spirited twins but doesn’t know all their troubles as they start secondary school. She must raise baby Holly, while searching for the strength to divorce her cheating husband, who may have just ruined her only chance to love again.

Full of hope and courage, The Evacuee War is the third in the heart-warming saga series set during the Second World War from Katie King.

Praise for The Evacuee Series:

‘A heart-warming read’ My Weekly

‘This delightful read captures a sense of nostalgia and weaves together the dramas of a cast of heart-warming characters’ Woman