Secrets at Toplingham Manor

Not everything is as it seems!

When Roger Dalby’s elderly uncle passes away and leaves him Toplingham Manor, he isn’t quite prepared for what happens next. Unknown to him, his best friend Duggie finds a use for the second floor that his Uncle Eustace certainly wouldn’t have expected…

But the further Duggie immerses himself into one of the oldest and most secretive professions around, the more he realises what a complicated game it is to play. And when an attempted murder wreaks havoc on the Manor, he wonders if he might just have gone one step too far…

Previously published as The Room on the Second Floor

Praise for T. A. Williams:

‘Pure joy. One of my favourite T. A. Williams books of all time!’ – Rachel Gilbey (top 500 Amazon reviewer)

‘A great light-hearted read!’ – Miss S. A. Coles (top 1,000 Amazon reviewer)

‘A wonderful romantic tale that takes you on a picturesque, life-changing journey.’ – Adele B (Netgalley reviewer)

‘Majestic scenery, intriguing history and scrumptious food. A delightful story.’ – What’s Better Than Books

‘T. A. Williams has absolutely backed up that men can write chick-lit.’ ─ Reviewed The Book (Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer)

‘Absolutely breathtaking.’ – Lu Dex (NetGalley reviewer)