Our Fragile Hearts

‘a very well written story which will tug at your heartstrings.’ – Fiona Wilson

Three lives. Three broken hearts…

Piper loved her mommy. So when she loses her, her world is confused and sad. But she has Rachel now. She won’t leave her as well, will she?

Rachel finds out she has a 5-year-old sister on the same day that she is told her mother has died. Having been in foster care for years, she never really knew her mom, but she knows for sure she doesn’t want the same thing for Piper. She knows she has to take care of her – but how?

Mary never even got to see her baby. They took it away as soon as she gave birth. And the hole in her heart has never healed. So when she meets Rachel and Piper, two lost girls looking for a family, her broken heart skips a beat…

What readers are saying about Our Fragile Hearts

‘a lovely, heartwarming story about second chances’ – For the Love of Books

‘Buffy Andrews has hit a homerun with Our Fragile Hearts and I just loved it!!’ – Sharon Kirchoff (Goodreads)

‘This story is full of hope and love, and eventual peace. It is one to remember for a long time to come.’ – Jennifer (Goodreads)