Lexi’s War

A family at breaking point. A nation at war…

1914. Young Lexi doesn’t want much – just her family’s happiness. She’s been working all the hours she can at the local sweet shop to help her mother lift her little brother and sister out of poverty. Maybe one day, if she tries hard enough, they can save enough to leave their tiny, cramped flat – and terrifying landlord, Mr McCann – behind. Although Lexi can’t help but wish her friendship with the landlord’s son, Johnny, could turn into something more.

They say it will all be over by Christmas. But with the country still at war months later, Lexi turns all her attention to making the sweet shop’s windows cheery, and look for small ways to keep her family’s sprits high. And, with courage, she might one day manage to help her family overcome the hardest of times.

An unforgettable story of family, friendship and courage which will warm your heart and fill you with pride. The perfect emotional wartime read for fans of Katie Flynn and Dilly Court.

Previously published as On Christmas Day