Hide And Seek (Part 2)

It’s been thirty years since it happened. A lifetime, for some. Yet I still hear his cries. I still feel eyes on me. Still hear the whispers: I know what you did.

I’ve spent so long hiding that I barely remember what it’s like to be seen – to be known for who you really are. But all that must stay where it’s buried. For better, for worse.

No-one can ever know what happened that day. And no-one ever will. Because they can seek all they want, but this is a secret I’ll take to my grave. No matter who comes knocking.

The chilling second part of Hide and Seek by Amy Bird: a new novel, perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, SJ Watson and Liane Moriarty. Is finding the truth worth losing everything?

Praise for Amy Bird

‘Ms. Bird is most certainly a force to be reckoned with and an author who has crossed the threshold of notoriety… An exciting story with real tension and suspense.’ – Gordon Reiselt

‘Hide and Seek is everything I wanted Gone Girl to be, and more… The pacing was spot on, and the setup is absolutely beautiful; engaging characters, liberally sprinkled intrigue, and an exploration of the origins of our identity that will have your mind working overtime.’ – Zoe Markham, Markham Reviews

‘Amy Bird is so good at writing dialogue you just can’t help chuckling. Add to this the fact that her writing style is such that I feel she is talking directly to me and I am absolutely hooked.’ – Lucy Literati, A Modern Mum’s Musings

‘A slow and creepy build-up to an exciting crescendo.’ – Rosemary Smith, Cayocosta72 Book Reviews

‘Enjoyable and intriguing.’ – Christine Marson, Northern Crime

‘Lives up to the thrilling aspect of the genre and also manages to have an original feel.’ – Cleo Bannister, Cleopatra Loves Books

‘The tension builts to a crescendo and the author pulls the reader along, speeding up like a train with no need to slow on approach to its destination. A great read from an author I had yet to encounter. I will definitely read more of her work after enjoying this thrilling three-part thriller. Having the book in three parts is also a great idea, as each part is perfect for reading in one sitting!’ – Margaret Madden, Bleach House Library