Dan Taylor Is Giving Up On Women

Dan Taylor is Giving Up on Women is witty, warm-hearted and achingly real. Neal Doran has created a love story for our times that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love with Dan Taylor. I loved it!’ – Miranda Dickinson, bestselling author of Take a Look at Me Now and I’ll Take New York

Perpetually single Dan Taylor is so terrible at meeting women his own mother suspects he might be gay. So best friends — and smug married couple — Hannah and Rob insist he needs some serious man management. Taking matters into their own hands, they decide to make him their ‘Project’ and set to work on finding him a girlfriend — one that might actually stick around long enough to meet his mother.

A new wardrobe, a better haircut and a slick online profile later and an unwitting Dan is ready to be launched on the London dating scene. But miracles don’t just happen, and when he does achieve some success with women, it’s not in the way anyone expected.

Praise for Neal Doran

‘Neal Doran is a very funny writer‘ John O’Farrell, author of The Man Who Forgot His Wife

‘A big-hearted breath of hilarious fresh-air, Dan Taylor Is Giving Up On Women is a tender, touching and terrifically funny debut. The crises, the crushes and the cringes of an honest and sharp look at a very modern romance, treat yourself.’ – Richard Asplin, author of T-shirt and Genes

‘Full of witty one-liners, Dan Taylor Is Giving Up On Women is a hilarious examination of the morals of modern-day dating.” – Matt Dunn, bestselling author of The Ex-Boyfriends’ Handbook and A Day at the Office.