IBW2021: Samantha King on magical booksellers

To celebrate Independent Bookshop week, Samantha King – author of the upcoming novel The Secret Keeper’s Daughter, joins us to talk about the exception to her goal-focused approach to shopping… bookshops! The quirkier, the better Truth be told, I’m not a very enthusiastic shopper. Retail excursions tend to be strictly goal-focused: I identify my desired product,… Read More
bookshop friends

IBW2021: Karin Nordin on books as friends

To celebrate Independent Bookshop week, author Karin Nordin (Where Ravens Roost) discusses how bookshops were her most reliable companion when moving around as a child. Next stop? Bookshop! I don’t have a first bookstore memory, but I have many I’ll never forget. There was the time my best… Read More
Sevenoaks Bookshop Louise Hare

IBW2021: Louise Hare’s bookshop escapes

To celebrate Independent Bookshop week, Louise Hare, author of This Lovely City, reflects on her childhood memories of bookshop escapes and the wonder of bookshops in a post-lockdown world. Bookshops are gateways to myriad worlds When I was a kid, I spent all my pocket money on books. Every Saturday my mum took… Read More
Crofton Books

IBW2021: Rosalind Stopps on Crofton Books

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week Rosalind Stopps, author of the upcoming A Beginners Guide to Murder, shares one of her favourite bookshops, Crofton Books, and what it means to her. What Crofton Books means to me As… Read More

IBW2021: Rachel Dove on bookshops feeling like home

To celebrate Independent Bookshop week Rachel Dove, author of Meet me at Fir Tree Lodge, is here to share how bookshops make her feel like she’s home and how 2020 showed us the importance of them. Growing up, books were my safe place. No matter… Read More
All For You

IBW2021: Louise Jensen on the feeling of a bookshop

To celebrate Independent Bookshop week Louise Jensen, author of the upcoming thriller All For You, shares a beautiful piece on the feeling that bookshops give you. The feeling of a bookshop I have a bookcase full of books from my childhood, each one a memory. Sometimes… Read More

IBW2021: Sarah Morgan’s Cornish bookshop love

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week, Sarah Morgan (The Summer Seekers) joins us to share her love of bookshops and Cornwall! Picking books for Padstow Lately, it seems that many more people have discovered the joys of holidaying in Cornwall, but it’s a place we’ve been returning to as a… Read More
Independent Bookshop Week Michelle Rawlins

IBW2021: Michelle Rawlins on bookshop communities

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week, Michelle Rawlins – author of The Steel Girls – shares her love for the very special Barnsley bookshop she visits with her family. Something rather special For as long as I can remember, I have loved bookshops. It stems from being a regular visitor… Read More
Book House

IBW2021: Sarah Clarke on ‘the best bookshop in the world’

To celebrate Independent Bookshop week, Sarah Clarke – author of the upcoming new gripping thriller A Mother Never Lies – discusses ‘the best bookshop in the world ever’! The best bookshop in the world In my other job as a marketing copywriter, I write a lot about the ‘retail experience’… Read More
Amanda Brittany

IBW2021: Amanda Brittany on bookshop memories

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week Amanda Brittany, co author of The Perfect Nanny, shares some much loved memories of bookshops in this latest post in our series. Bookshop Memories with Amanda Brittany I love bookshops, and can never pass one by. If I’m out for the day or on… Read More
A.M. Castle

IBW2021: A.M. Castle on her love of bookshops

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week A.M. Castle, author of The Invitation, shares her past with bookshops and why they mean so much to her. Why I Love Bookshops by A.M. Castle The first time I ever remember visiting a bookshop was with my grandparents. I must have been… Read More

IBW2021: M.A. Kuzniar on the magic of bookshops

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week, we asked some of our authors to share their love of bookshops on our blog. Up first is M.A. Kuzniar, author of the highly anticipated Midnight in Everwood, sharing why she thinks bookshops are absolutely magical. Is there anything more magical than a… Read More