The Worst Girl Gang Ever: A Survival Guide for Navigating Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

By Bex Gunn and Laura Buckingham

‘Bex and Laura really have pieced together the parachute we all need to help us land safely after falling into the world of loss and fertility struggles.’ Elle Wright, author of A Bump In The Road

A practical and emotional self-help guide for anyone affected by miscarriage and pregnancy loss, from the co-hosts of the successful podcast, The Worst Girl Gang Ever.

Following pregnancy loss, it can feel like you’ve forgotten how to speak and need to learn a new language. You can tell your story to a room full of people but if no-one speaks this new language, they won’t understand. They will try but ultimately, they won’t fully grasp what you are saying.

This is us. This is our new language. It is a language built from pain, and it is a language we need to teach others. Welcome to our gang.

We are so, so sorry that you’ve found yourself here. It’s the gang you’d never chose to join but it is also a community chock-a-block full of kind, supportive, warrior women just like you.

We are here to tell you that you are entitled to grieve, and that your grief is not disproportionate to your loss. We are here to open up the dialogue around miscarriage, so we don’t perpetuate the shame, judgement and isolation so many of us feel following pregnancy loss. We are here to equip you with knowledge, tools and guidance to support and help you in whatever way you need.

Let’s get talking. Let’s get sharing. Let’s start empowering and supporting one another.

No more shame, no more taboo, no more silence.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 28 Sep 2023
Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-0-00-852499-9
Bex Gunn and nurse, Laura Buckingham are two women sharing their experiences of baby loss with the aim of bringing about change and wider recognition of the subject. They started The Worst Girl Gang Ever podcast in 2020, knowing how little recognition and support there was out there for others who find themselves in this heart-breaking situation. Bex and Laura also run ‘Pathway to Recovery’ courses along with six experts in their fields, aiming to support, nurture and empower women after baby loss.

”'Bex and Laura really have pieced together the parachute we all need to help us land safely after falling into the world of loss and fertility struggles. It’s like the kind friend who climbs down into the hole with you through the worst parts, and gives you a leg back up when you’re ready to try again. Thoughtful, helpful, and a little bit sweary… my kind of manual!” - Elle Wright, Feathering the Empty Nest and author of A Bump In The Road

”'Buckingham and Gunn are part of a growing group of women helping to change the place of miscarriage in public consciousness.” - Nell Frizzell, Vogue

”'[Bex and Laura] are here to offer support to others and smash the stigma of baby loss, with their powerful mantra: 'We get you. And we’ve got you.'” - OK