HQ Readalong: Lifesaving for Beginners by Josie Lloyd

Join us between Monday 8th and Sunday 14th August for the Lifesaving for Beginners readalong. Every day we’ll be reading a section of the nail-biting thriller together and sharing our thoughts on social media. Tag @HQStories, @JosieLloydBooks and use #LifesavingforBeginners to get involved!

Day 1

Question 1 (Beginning – p. 54)

What are your first impressions of each of the five main characters in the book? Are you particularly drawn to one over the others?

Day 2

Question 2 (p.55-102)

‘When I was your age, women never talked about the menopause at all.’ Do you think that this has changed – is there more open conversation about the menopause, and getting older? If so, what effect does this change bring in society?

Day 3

Question 3 (p.103-153)

‘We’re all only ever a couple of steps away from being homeless,’ Tor says.’ Homelessness, and the struggles the homeless community faces, is a strong theme in the book. How did you respond to this theme? Did it shed light on any aspect of being homeless that you may not previously have considered?

Day 4

Question 4 (p.153-210)

What did you make of Claire’s decision to pose for Helga’s life-drawing class; how do you think it affected her confidence? Would you say that body-positivity is a theme in the book?

Day 5

Question 5 (p.211-264)

In this section, Claire’s son Ash joins the Sea-Gals for a beach clean. Did any of the information about pollution in the sea shock you? Did it make you feel more inclined to get involved in campaigning for change?

Day 6

Question 6 (265-316)

‘I will carry on,’ she says aloud. ‘I will, Chris. I promise. Discuss the author’s portrayal of bereavement and grief in the novel. Do you think that Dominica is starting to come to terms with her loss? If so, what do you think has helped her the most along her journey?

Day 7

Question 7 (317-399)

‘She feels gratitude, like it’s a physical force, as she watches the powerful, amazing women stride into the waves. She feels part of a tribe. Part of a revolution.’ Do you think that, at its essence, this is a novel about female friendship? Discuss how the author builds a sense of camaraderie between the novel’s characters?

If you want to catch-up with the readalong then you can download the eBook now for only 99p!

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