Confident and Killing It: Build Your Personal Brand

Have you ever thought about your own personal brand? Learn how to build yours – and why it’s important to! – with Tiwalola Ogunlesi’s Confident and Killing It.

By 2021 my name had become synonymous with confidence building for women. As you can see, that didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen intentionally. For the first two years of running my business full time, I didn’t need to send a single outbound email looking for work, because literally all my opportunities kept coming to me. In fact, the deal that led to this very book you’re reading came from having a strong personal brand. I got about four different emails from publishers, saying, ‘I’ve seen your Instagram and listened to your podcast and I love what you stand for, have you ever thought of writing a book?’ My opportunities to work with Google, UN Women, The Sunday Times, Morgan Stanley, Oatly, Glamour, Meta (Facebook), Warner Music and Snapchat all came from having a strong reputation (i.e. results at scale) as someone who delivered impactful and innovative confidence workshops.

How did all of these opportunities come my way? Well through a combination of hard work, self-promotion, a strong personal brand and referrals from other people. Creating and owning your narrative allows you to amplify your purpose because stories travel, stories connect with people. When you hear a good story, you share it. Embracing your main character energy by owning your personal story opens many doors for you to impact the world in a positive way and inspire others to do the same.

Click here to download Tiwalola’s guide to building your own personal brand!

Confident and Killing It by Tiwalola Ogunlesi is out now, available in hardback, eBook and audio.

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