Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Top Five Meet-Cute Stories

We all love a lovely rom-com where the couple is thrown together in the most wonderful of ways. And in an exclusive piece for the HQ blog, Sunday Times bestselling author Carrie Hope Fletcher tells us about her top five meet-cute stories from some of her favourite novels.

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  1. The Day We Meet Again – Miranda Dickinson

Phoebe and Sam meet in King’s Cross station when their trains are severely delayed. They spend hours getting to know each other and then have to part ways as they head in opposite directions, but they plan to meet again in a year’s time if they still feel the same way. I haven’t been to King’s Cross station since without thinking about this particular couple!

2. Evidence of the Affair – Taylor Jenkins Reid

 As a fan of letter writing, getting to know Carrie and David via their heartbreaking correspondence was delicious. They discover their partners have been having an affair and begin to write to each other to find out more information, but as time goes on, they grow closer. It’s a short but sweet novel full to the brim of the confusing complexity of adult relationships.

3. On A Night Like This – Lindsey Kelk

Fran and Evan meet at one of the most extravagant parties this world has ever seen. Except Evan isn’t exactly who Fran thinks he is, and Fran isn’t meant to be there at all! If you want a good time, read this book!

4. The Flip Side – James Bailey

Josh is having a hard time making decisions and so decides to leave everything up to the flip of a coin…including the decision to follow the girl of his dreams! The journey to find the girl he lost in the crowds in London becomes a social media phenomenon, but will the coin lead him to her?

5. Our Stop – Laura James Williams

Our Stop is the ULTIMATE meet-cute. Nadia and Daniel get the same train every morning but one day Nadia spots a post in the daily newspaper… “To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I’m the guy who’s always standing near the doors…Drink sometime?”. I’ve never rooted for a couple as much as these two!

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