Books that will… expand their horizons 📖

Easy to wrap and always a joy to receive, we think books make the BEST Christmas presents. So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift to fill that stocking, you can never go wrong with a brilliant book!

Know anyone who’s looking to learn a thing or two? Check our these wonderful gift recommendations that will expand

Our story with the stars

Look Up by Sarah Cruddas, foreword by Michael Collins

The perfect stocking filler for fans of space, astronomy, or literally expanding their horizons! This is an inspirational and enlightening introduction to the importance of space to everyone, and why we should all learn to Look Up.

An urgent call to arms

The Good Ally by Nova Reid

This is a book for those against persistent racial injustice, hungry to expand their knowledge and understanding of systemic racism in Britain and beyond. It is for those who not only want to be able to better recognise both subtle and overt forms of racism in action, to examine their powerful role in it, but who want to know what to do about it. The Good Ally is the answer to ‘what next?’

Not every story is black and white…

We Are Not Like Them by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza

If fiction is more to your friend’s taste, We Are Not Like Them is a an incredible important novel about friendship and love, prejudice and betrayal, and standing up for what you believe in, no matter the cost. Perfect for starting conversations and broadening horizons!

The hilarious and honest conversation starter

Period by Emma Barnett

Whether they’ve ever or never had a period, this frank, funny rallying cry from Emma Barnett will make an insightful and entertaining stocking filler. Emma shares her story, as well as those of others, to ask why we’ve clammed up about menstruation. She’ll make you laugh, weep, and maybe squirm, about the natural process that nobody talks about, and smash this taboo once and for all.

Help build a fairer future for all

The Power of Privilege by June Sarpong

The perfect gift for anyone who is searching for a way that they can do more to challenge racism, The Power of Privilege will empower those fortunate enough not to be ‘otherised’ by mainstream Western society to become effective allies against racism, both by understanding the roots of their privilege and the systemic societal inequities that perpetuates it.

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