Books that will… inspire 💭

Easy to wrap and always a joy to receive, we think books make the BEST Christmas presents. So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift to fill that stocking, you can never go wrong with a brilliant book!

Keep reading to discover our hand-picked selection of spectacular stocking fillers that are sure to inspire.

The instant Sunday Times bestseller

Coming up for Air: What I Learned from Sport, Fame and Fatherhood by Tom Daley

Candid and perceptive, this deeply personal and inspiring memoir offers a unique insight into the life and mindset of one our greatest and most-loved athletes, award-winning Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Find success, purpose and happiness

The Simplest Gift by Stefanos Xenakis

An international bestseller and the perfect antidote for our times, The Simplest Gift is a humane, compassionate, profound, and charming collection of stories that offer holistic guidance for the body, mind, and soul.

From tragedy to triumph, one step at a time

Lucky by Ed Jackson

An inspirational story of triumph over adversity against the odds, Lucky is the story of how Ed faced the impossible when it seemed all hope was lost, and shows how you, too, can overcome the biggest challenges that life sends your way.

A love letter to the LGBTQI+ community and its allies.

The Queer Bible, edited by Jack Guinness

The Queer Bible is a collection of essays written by queer icons, about the queer trailblazers throughout history who inspired them, including words from Elton John, Munroe Bergdorf, Graham Norton, Paris Lees and more. This is a a truly beautiful celebration of queer culture.

An urgent call to arms

What Can I Do?: The Truth About Climate Change and How to Fix It by Jane Fonda

Perfect for the climate-conscious people in your life, Jane Fonda’s What Can I Do? is a deeply personal journey weaved alongside concrete solutions and actions that everybody can take in order to combat the climate crisis in their community.

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