Rosie Nixon’s Top 15 Tips for bringing more kindness to the world

Be Kind is a small book with a big heart and an important message. Kindness can change the world. Yes, really! And it starts, today, with you.

Kindness costs nothing; it isn’t about grand gestures and it doesn’t care who you are or where you are from. Kindness is within us all – but sometimes we need a gentle reminder, or a helping hand, to bring kindness to our own daily lives and that of others.

Author of Be Kind, Rosie Nixon, shares her 15 kind lessons worth learning:

  1. There’s a certain ebb and flow to life. Happiness won’t be constant and that’s OK
  2. People’s lives aren’t always as perfect as their social media suggests
  3. Friendships come and go
  4. It’s Ok to take a sick day for your mental health
  5. Trust your gut, it’s usually right
  6. Make time for your hobbies
  7. We all need to ask for help sometimes
  8. It’s human nature to make mistakes
  9. How you speak to yourself matters
  10. Stand up for the things you believe in
  11. You are stronger than you think
  12. Comparing yourself to others won’t lead to happiness
  13. Even the most confident people struggle with insecurity
  14. Embrace change as opportunity
  15. All you can do is your best, and your best is truly enough

Be Kind is out now in hardback and eBook! Available here.

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