Rebecca Raisin’s favourite things about Christmas

To celebrate the release of Rebecca Raisin’s new Christmas hilarious romance Flora’s Travelling Christmas Shop, we asked the author to create a list (as he’ll be checking it twice) of her favourite things about Christmas. Read on to feel the Christmas spirit.

My favourite things about Christmas

I adore writing festive books as it makes it feel like Christmas all year round! So here’s my list of all the things that make Christmas such a joy for me…

  • Christmas carols – they instantly make me feel warm and fuzzy. Some, like Amazing Grace, hit the heartstrings and I listen to it almost endlessly!
  • Candles – Christmas scented candles are the best and add to the warm and cosy feel, even though I’m in Australia and it’s always hot!
  • Putting up the tree – we try very hard to wait until December but usually fail! Our tree goes up as soon as Halloween is over. It’s always fun to think of new ways to decorate. Last year I did the decorations in an ombre pattern and it looked amazing!
  • Christmas boxes – we started this tradition a few years ago when the boys were small. Every year I fill their Christmas box with festive movies, books, PJs, and treats. It signifies it’s time to get merry!
  • Christmas movie marathons – as soon as we watch Home Alone we know it’s Christmas time! That movie never gets old. And let’s not forget Love Actually and The Holiday, and I could go on and on!
  • Making festive treats – life slows down over Christmas and I love having the time to bake for the family. Over the years I’ve become quite proficient at making gingerbread. The boys love my candy cane milkshakes more though!
  • Spotting the Christmas lights – every year our neighbourhood Christmas light displays seem to be more elaborate. We love taking the dog out for a walk and wandering around finding the best displays.
  • Game nights – we love game nights, but have more time as a family over the holidays to hang out and play board games and cards. It’s a real highlight for me even though the boys are starting to win a lot these days!
  • Attending the Christmas pageant – there’s a local pageant we usually attend with our martial arts club, doing a lap of the main street before we hang out with friends and family and enjoy the rest of the show.
  • DIY gingerbread house – I’m not going to lie, I buy the gingerbread house kits as my baking skills aren’t quite at this structural level just yet. The boys love making their own gingerbread house and then eating them!
  • Making Christmas conserves – I like to make some kind of conserve to go with the feast on Christmas Day. I make extra and gift them to family members.
  • Christmas carols – we take a picnic rug and hang out with friends; it’s a great way to relax as the busy month comes closer to the end.
  • Buying presents – I love finding the perfect gift for someone and it’s even better watching them open it.
  • Christmas Day – we usually go to Bali every year for Christmas but haven’t been able to do that for a while, so we’ve decided this year to make Christmas Day all about the fun. We’ve got lots of new games planned and we’ll also be heading to the beach to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Time with family – my most favourite thing ever. It’s the one time of year we all have some time off and I love nothing more than hanging out with my favourite humans. After dinner we always ask around the table: what was the best & worst thing that happened to you this year? And what are you most looking forward to next year? It’s a nice way to reflect.

I hope you have an amazing Christmas!

With love,

From my family to yours.

Bec xx

Flora’s Travelling Christmas Shop is out now in paperback, audio and eBook.

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