The Marlow Murder Club Cryptic Crossword

To celebrate the paperback publication of The Marlow Murder Club, the stunning first novel in the new series from Death in Paradise creator Robert Thorogood, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Collins to compile a special cryptic crossword for you to solve! Pop the kettle on (or reach for a whisky!) and wrap your head around this deliciously tricky puzzle…


1 State of Judith stripped, only every so often going outside? (6)
4 Crossword setter resolving case of murder with police (8)
10 I’m DS Malik, organising ladies in the parlour? (9)
11 Restore Magritte, perhaps, with touch of white (5)
12 Posh husband, or posh wife (5)
13 Curtises turned out rather a sour lot! (8)
14 Absent from the right Marlow auction houses (4)
15 Noisy parties in lodgings — quiet earlier (8)
19 Ambitious head of gallery after painkiller (8)
20 Comedian Bob’s word on 28 across (4)
22 Bet E European will be an aid to progress on river (4-4)
25 Mostly sluggish, accepting loud hint (5)
27 Swimmer in fur coat, not terylene clothes (5)
28 Pendant from male journalist, everyone having one on (9)
29 12ac, looking to ring bell at the end (8)
30 Soup (not starter) put out for US artist (6)


1 Scotsman under arrest after kidnapping married one African (8)
2 Savoury from food store: Charlie promises to pay (9)
3 Most lifeless heroine initially rescued from Thames, arriving on time (6)
5 Incitement concerning Judith’s occupation (9)
6 Make believe repro’s out and evenly placed in frame of picture (8)
7 Weapon, large one sealing Stefan’s end (5)
8 Arguments witnessed at Henley regatta (4)
9 Record detectives beginning on case (4)
15 Bloke on yacht maybe, alas, minor rogue (6-3)
16 Honesty and sickly sentiment, and finally a word on 28ac (4,5)
17 Shore where tortilla devoured (8)
18 Carpet ornate — it’s damaged (4,4)
21 Retreat, turning up to island in river (6)
23 Extreme art left you upset (5)
24 Chap going for a spin on the river? (4)
26 Tracks which Suzie walks (4)

Fancy giving it a go on paper? Download a printable PDF version of the grid here!

The Marlow Murder Club is out now in paperback, eBook and audio.

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