HQ’s Favourite Five: BOSH! Healthy Vegan

This month we are celebrating five years of BOSH! To mark the occasion, we’re looking at some of HQ’s favourite recipes and extracts from each of the five BOSH! books.

In today’s round-up, we’re diving fork-first into five delicious and oh-so-healthy recipes from BOSH’s third cookbook, BOSH! Healthy Vegan.


Have you ever heard of French toast that was low in fat and sat fat? Well, we’ve done it! Delicious and moreish but also fairly healthy, this weekend breakfast is a source of protein, too. For extra flavour try toasting the coconut flakes in the oven.


This warming dish makes for a perfect winter meal, and there’s no need for any extra rice or breads as it’s so filling. It is high in protein from the beans and lentils, and the huge amounts of fresh herbs add an extra healthy boost of flavour and nutrients. A serving of this will give you a good dose of vitamin C, K, A, C, folic acid and iron in your diet.


A big, rich Sri Lankan curry is one of our favourite dishes, but typically they are super-high in saturated fat due to the coconut milk. We’ve tempered this bad boy down, using reduced-fat coconut milk and some water and desiccated coconut instead, but it’s still big on flavour. Serve it on its own, or if you’re feeling extra hungry, add a portion of brown basmati rice.


Nothing beats a comforting plate of lasagne. This healthy version is packed with greens including broad beans, asparagus and peas, as well as nutritional yeast, which is a real nutrient bomb. But most importantly, this dish is easy to make and absolutely delicious. We pre-cook the pasta sheets so they cook more quickly in the oven, and we use a touch of dairy-free cheese to round things off.


We like to drink this smoothie most mornings, to get a power-packed nutrient-rich start to the day. Try batching the smoothie ingredients and keeping individual servings in freezer bags for quick preparation. We usually make it with oat milk that has been fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

BOSH! have been changing the world, one plate at a time, for five years! Check out their full library right here.

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