IBW2021: M.A. Kuzniar on the magic of bookshops

To celebrate Independent Bookshop Week, we asked some of our authors to share their love of bookshops on our blog. Up first is M.A. Kuzniar, author of the highly anticipated Midnight in Everwood, sharing why she thinks bookshops are absolutely magical.

Is there anything more magical than a bookshop?

When I think of bookshops, I dream of books stacked up to the ceilings in second-hand bookshops, their pages honeyed with age. Tiny memories of the person who held it before you in the creased spines and a train ticket or receipt left in the pages. Independent bookshops with brand new books in shiny piles, thoughtfully curated displays and little nooks to while away a few hours while you peruse before leaving with a bag of stories. Bookshops that offer cake and coffee and biscuits so that you might catch up with an old friend. And, best of all, wonderful booksellers that find you exactly what you fancied reading. And sometimes, a delightful new surprise that you never knew you needed.

I love burying my face in the pages of a book and taking a big sniff. I love knowing that each book I take home with me is a portal to a different world, sparkling with possibilities. This past year has been a challenging one but bookshops have been a great comfort to me. Through their offerings, I can travel wherever I like, have great adventures and explore glittering, magical worlds.

One of my favourites is the Wonderland Bookshop in Retford. It features an upside-down tea party on the ceiling, and an abundance of playing cards and clocks frolicking about the walls. At the end of Independent Bookshop Week, the brilliant and lovely owner, Helen Tamblyn-Saville, will be opening a second place – Neverland Bookshop in Newark for both children and adult books. I cannot wait to fly over and see what enchantments she has conjured there!

Happy Indie Bookshop Week everyone!

Support your local bookshops for they are the closest thing to magic you will find. I hope that this week you all find a lovely little moment to steal away and enjoy an excellent book. And I deeply recommend you treat yourself to a slice of cake while reading for optimum happiness.

Keep an eye out over the next week here to see more authors share their love of bookshops! You can pre-order a copy of the magical Midnight in Everwood at your local bookshop or on bookshop.org.

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