Birthday beverages with BOSH!

This month BOSH! turns five years old, so we’re partying our way into the weekend with a selection of delicious BOSH! beverages! Which one do you like the sound of?


G&T has become an incredibly popular tipple and swanky bars have a plethora of ways to fancify it – with limited-edition gin, infused tonic, herbs and fresh fruit. We enjoy the occasional posh G&T, so we decided to develop our own. It’s dry, sharp, floral, earthy and incredibly refreshing – a real winner on a sunny summer’s day!


This is deliciously daiquiri-like, but filled with fruit and flavour and just a touch of merry rum. Serve in martini glasses with slices of fresh watermelon on the side and paper straws, if using.


Coffee, wonderful coffee. In colder months, it’s all about warm oat-milk lattes, but in summer, iced coffee takes centre stage. This peanutty twist on a Vietnamese iced coffee is absolutely wonderful. It’s a sweet, nutty and creamy treat for a balmy summer afternoon.

BOSH! have been changing the world, one plate at a time, for five years! Check out their full library right here.

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