Celebrate Christmas with a BOSH! Roast Dinner

With Christmas less than 10 days away, dinner prep is at the forefront of a lot of our minds. With BOSH!, you can take the stress out of Christmas cooking! Try this incredible plant-based festive feast below from their latest Sunday Times bestselling cookbook, Speedy BOSH!

Happy cooking!


Serves 4

90g plant-based butter


For the Sweet Potato & Pecan Pie

2 sweet potatoes

pinch of salt

1 tbsp oat milk

50g oats

20g demerara sugar

40g pecans


For the Maple-Roasted Roots 

2 carrots

2 parsnips

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp maple syrup

handful of fresh thyme leaves

1 lemon

salt and black pepper


For the Buttered Corn & Parsley

1 x 165g tin sweetcorn

whole or grated nutmeg

handful of flat-leaf parsley


For the Red Cabbage & Cranberry Dressing

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

1 tbsp cranberry sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

¼ red cabbage


For the pan-fried seitan

1 tsp dried oregano

300g seitan steaks

80g vegan ‘bacon’ rashers (optional)


For the greens

drizzle of olive oil

2 large handfuls of collard greens, kale or spring greens

½ orange

dash of red wine vinegar

whole or ground nutmeg

salt and black pepper


To serve

instant vegan gravy

cranberry sauce


Preheat oven to max • Line a baking tray • Kettle boiled • Large saucepan with a lid • Steamer or colander • 2 small saucepans • Microplane or fine grater • Small baking dish or roasting tin • Large bowl • Frying pan • Line a plate with kitchen paper


For the Sweet Potato & Pecan Pie

Peel and cube the sweet potatoes • Place in the saucepan, cover with boiling water, add some salt and set over a medium heat for 10 minutes • Place the steamer or colander on top ready for the other roots

Melt the plant-based butter in a small saucepan and set aside


For the Maple-Roasted Roots

Peel the carrots and parsnips, if necessary, then quarter or half lengthways if small, or cut into thin batons • Place in the steamer, put the lid on and steam for 5 minutes • Remove and spread over the lined baking tray • Cover with the 2 tablespoons olive oil and the maple syrup • Pick the thyme leaves, if the stems are woody, and halve the lemon • Sprinkle the thyme over the veg and drizzle with a squeeze of the lemon • Taste and season with salt and pepper • Place on the top shelf of the hot oven to roast for 15 minutes


For the Buttered Corn & Parsley

Put the other small saucepan over a low heat • Empty the sweetcorn into the pan with a third of the melted butter • Add a grating of nutmeg • Heat on low for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally


Return to the Sweet Potato Pie

After 10 minutes the sweet potato should be very soft • Drain well and return to the pan • Add the oat milk and salt and mash until smooth • Taste and season with more salt if necessary • Scoop into the baking dish or roasting tin • In a bowl, mix together the oats, sugar and pecans with a third of the melted butter and tip over the top of the mash • Place in the hot oven next to the root veg


For the Red Cabbage & Cranberry Dressing

Place all the dressing ingredients in the bottom of the bowl you will use to serve the cabbage and whisk together • Finely shred the cabbage and tip it into the bowl • Toss to coat


For the pan-fried seitan

Place the frying pan over a medium heat • Add the final third of the melted butter and add the dried oregano • Once the herbs are sizzling, add the seitan and vegan ‘bacon’ rashers, if using, and fry lightly on both sides • Remove and set aside to drain on kitchen paper • Return the pan to the heat


For the greens

Drizzle some olive oil into the pan • Trim the greens and add them to the pan • Increase the heat to high and squeeze over the juice of the orange and the red wine vinegar • Fry for a few minutes, then add a grating of nutmeg and season with salt and pepper • Take the pan to the table


To serve

Make the gravy according to packet instructions • Check on the roasted veg and the pie and, if not browned to your liking, pop under the grill for a couple of minutes • Add a handful of parsley leaves to the corn and take it to the table with the other dishes, the gravy and the cranberry sauce • Carefully remove the root veg and pie from under the grill and take them to the table • Let everyone dig in!


If you make all or any of the above, make sure to share your feast photos with us across social media! You can find us over on Twitter here.

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