Share The Mic UK

As part of Black History Month, we’re thrilled that some of our authors are involved in the social campaign #ShareTheMicUK –  taking place today.

Share the Mic UK aims is to magnify Black women and their experiences by taking over the platform of global prominent white women. Now, more than ever, their voices need to be heard. The hope of the campaign is to share powerful, important messages to a wider audience.

We have three of our authors taking part in the campaign:

June Sarpong, author of Diversify and The Power of Privilege, will be taking over Victoria Beckham’s social media.

Sophie Williams, author of Anti-Racist Ally and Millennial Black, will be taking over Pippa Vosper’s account.

Kenya Hunt, author of Girl, will be taking over Alexa Chung’s account.

We are so excited to see what our authors share and cannot wait to support this vital and vibrant campaign.

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