Why We Love to Read – Reading Together Day

Here at HQ Stories, we love to read. We are often found with a book in hand or shouting about our favourite reads to anyone who will listen. For Reading Together Day, we thought we’d share five reasons we love to read. Stay tuned to find out more about Reading Together Day at the end.


Five Reasons We Love to Read:


1. To Escape

When things are hard, or you just need a break, reading gives you a portal to another world. You can escape into fantastical lands, swoon-worthy romances, or bone-chilling thrillers. Reading gives us a place to forget our problems and just enjoy a good story.

2. To Learn

In a time where it is more important than ever for us to educate ourselves about the world we live in, reading offers a fountain of knowledge. You can find knowledge in non-fiction and learn important teachings from fiction. Every book offers a chance to educate ourselves about something new.

3. To Grow

The wise Dr Seuss once said: ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’ Reading helps us to grow into the best version of ourselves; taking what we learn and feel from reading and enhancing our lives with it.

4. To Inspire

Books continue to impact our lives with every page we turn. They inspire our creativity, our goals, our morals, our beliefs. Books are what inspire writers and create the publishers who share them. We find role models in the pages we read and are inspired by them. Futures can be created by reading just one book when you’re younger. Reading creates our stories.

5. To Connect

Reading can create connections – whether through family or friends, online or in person. There are online communities, such as bookstagram and booktube, where people come together to get excited and share books. You can easily find online communities that write stories about their favourite books, or online book clubs. You can join a book club in your local library, coming together with your local community through the same passion for reading. Families come together for storytime and create long lasting memories in those moments. Books can start a conversation, books can start friendships, books can make a connection.


Reading Together Day 2020

The Publishers Association and The Reading Agency, and more, have worked together with the Department of Education to create Reading Together Day. With the disruption caused by Covid-19 to education, Reading Together Day is especially important because we need to encourage families to keep reading, maintain literacy levels and inspire a reading journey together.

To find out more about the activities you can get involved in click here.

They are also hosting a Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge, which you can sign up to here.

reading together day

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